Satyricon hosts the opening night of Varla Jean Merman’s “A Little White Music”

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Varla Jean Merman in "A Little White Music"

Varla Jean Merman’s “A Little White Music”
Thursday, November 3 at 8:00pm
Cafe Istanbul, 2501 St. Claude Avenue
Tickets: $25 donation

Clear the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a great white chanteuse beaching herself in New Orleans! International superstar Varla Jean Merman is opening her jaws wide to take a big bite out of the American Songbook. With “A Little White Music”, this salty songbird strikes up a honky hit parade of the whitest material to hit your ears since the invention of the Q-Tip. Featuring unforgettable takes on forgettable favorites, Varla Jean will drag you down to the depths of your AM radio dial. Stick around after the show and get chummy with New Orleans’ favorite vanilla-scented vamp at a special reception.