Friday, March 26: How I Learned About Sex!

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Writers and performers from New Orleans and New York team up to explain
March 26 and 27, 2010 at 8pm • Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Avenue

The Mystic Krewe of Satyricon invites you to hear an ensemble of New Orleans authors and performers as they team up with New York writer Blaise Allysen Kearsley for a hilarious, outrageous, touching evening of literature and music called HOW I LEARNED ABOUT SEX. From childhood stories of curiosity to adult tales of lovemaking gone very, very awry, audiences will reel through eight tales told from eight very different perspectives — male, female, straight, gay, young, and…less young. It’s blue enough to please the prurient, but silly enough for the straightlaced, too. Featured among the group: Satyricon’s own Brick Bishop, and Running With Scissors stars Dorian Rush and Jack Long!

HOW I LEARNED ABOUT SEX runs Friday and Saturday, March 26 and 27, 2010 at 8pm at Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

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BLAISE ALLYSEN KEARSLEY ( is the creator, producer and host of the popular monthly HOW I LEARNED series in New York City ( She is also a memoir and fiction writer, a veteran blogger, a photographer, and she does some other stuff too. She has appeared at PS 122, Bowery Poetry Club and Collective Unconscious, as well as in the shows Mortified, Cringe and Literary Death Match. Her writing has been published in Nerve, Vice, The Black Table, and other publications perhaps not worth mentioning. In late 2009, she was awarded a writing fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center where she got electrocuted and maybe almost killed a horse. She loves New Orleans. She lives in Brooklyn. For now.

BRICK BISHOP is an artist, performer and author of the blog “Bon-bons of Impertinence”. As a self appointed twenty first century saint and dystopian superhero he has been described by mothers and nuns nationwide as as “The one that I warned you about.” When not organizing impromptu operas featuring his collection of stuffed toys, “gently used” weapons, and various boudoir furniture in supporting roles, Brick saunters merrily through Bohemia, scandalizing the glitterati and generally having far more fun than is allowed in at least 30 states.

KEN FOSTER’s work has appeared in The Believer, McSweeney’s, Bomb, The New York Times Book Review, Time Out New York, The Village Voice and other publications. A collection of his short stories, titled The Kind I’m Likely to Get, was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. He has also been awarded fellowships to Yaddo, the Sewanee Writers Conference, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and the Wesleyan Writers Conference. He has edited two anthologies — The KGB Bar Reader and Dog Culture — as well as a special issue of the Mississippi Review. His latest book is Dogs I Have Met: And the People They Found. He lives in New Orleans with his three dogs, Brando, Zephyr and Sula.

COLLEEN KANE is a writer and a former editor for Bust and Playgirl magazines. She writes for publications like Spin, Penthouse, and Vice, and her essays appear in online markets like Radar and The Frisky. She’s blogged for Plenty magazine, Nerve, and elsewhere. Colleen read teen diary excerpts in the Mortified series in New York City and contributed to the book Mortified: Love is a Battlefield. Her urbex blog has been featured on NPR. As she prepares to move back to Brooklyn after 34 months in Baton Rouge, she’s writing a book in need of a publisher. Just you wait.

JACK LONG is a playwright, blogger, and actor based in New Orleans. He has been lauded and laughed at (in a good way) for co-writing and co-starring in numerous productions, including Carrie’s Facts of Life and the Big Easy Award-nominated comedy, The Titanic Adventures of the Love Boat Poseidon, which featured an underwater ballet the likes of which haven’t been seen on stage since Ziegfield was alive. Current projects include a radio play adaptation of Alien and converting Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca into a rip-roaring comedy. Neither is quite as complicated as it sounds.

CAMPBELL ROBERTSON is a reporter for The New York Times based in New Orleans, which is an amalgam of all his previous beats at the paper: Iraq (where it’s hot), theater (where people dress in outlandish costumes) and the party and gossip column (where everybody is on his or her third drink). He also on occasion has drawn comics for the paper in an effort to contribute to the gradual degradation of our national discourse.

DORIAN RUSH is a musician, actress, and playwright who has over 1200 performances under her belt. Most recently, she received a Big Easy award for her performance as Edith Sussman in Running With Scissors’ production of Die! Mommy! Die!, and she has been nominated for two more this year — one for best actress for her turn in Silent Night of the Lambs, and one for best cabaret performance in Livin’ Janis, which she wrote.

HUGH RYAN is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Details, Nerve, The Daily Beast, The Advocate, NPR’s Morning Edition, and other places. When not teaching his mother to curse, he can generally be found practicing acrobatics in the park or plotting wild travel schemes. Stalk him online at


HOW I LEARNED is a monthly series featuring writers, comedians, bloggers, storytellers and performers as chosen by host/producer Blaise Allysen Kearsley, based primarily on personal hygiene and make-out prowess. Offering fact, fiction, and everything in between, HOW I LEARNED runs every fourth Wednesday in New York, which basically means New Yorkers can have the best night of their lives on those nights, repeatedly. When Blaise was tossing out themes for a New Orleans show to her friends, she wondered if HOW I LEARNED ABOUT SEX would be too raunchy. The friends laughed. A lot.

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